My approach

I’ve been there. From me, you’ll get advice that is based on experience and practice, not on theory.

International & multilingual.

Human-centred. No-fuss-attitude.

I am an expert in cultural differences and I will guide you through them.

For a foreign company, knowing the law is not enough for understanding the Finnish employment legal framework. In an international setting, HR issues typically reveal cultural differences that are likely to lead to misunderstandings, claims or even court proceedings. My task as your employment lawyer is to avoid such things. Don’t worry – I will of course tell you what legal options you have. However, I will not stop there. I am an expert in cultural differences and their influence on legal issues. Due to my own international background in Germany and Finland, I may very well know what will appear different and unusual to you. Advising foreign companies is what I have done practically from my first day in Finland.

If you want to know what’s different in Finland, I’m your go-to person.

HR is all about human beings.

Employment law is much more than just legal regulations – of all the business law fields, it has more to do with individuals than any other. HR is all about people. I am a human-centred person and I also aim to understand employees’ views and motives – which I believe is critical in a world where competition for skilled workforce is high – normally, you want to keep them on board, and not lose them.

There is law, and then there is market practice.

I will tell you what the common practice is in Finland, no matter whether it’s about compensation and benefits, restrictive covenants, severance payments – or indeed anything else. In most cases, the law only sets a framework or a minimum standard. I will provide you with all information you’ll need for making the right decisions – not only the legal stuff.

To-the-point advice, solution-focused and business-minded

Clients continuously praise me for my no-fuss solution focussed approach and the clarity of my advice. I offer solutions instead of creating further problems and I always aim at counselling in a way that is as straightforward, simple and concise as possible. A quick chat on the phone or an online meeting solves many things and it is much cheaper for you than lengthy email correspondence. And don’t worry, if something just doesn’t work in Finland, I will tell you very openly and we’ll find another solution.

It’s me you get.

Big law firms are anonymous. You may reach out to a partner or a senior lawyer, but you do not know who really drafts the advice you get – believe me, I know what I am talking about. Often you will not even get to know the name of the lawyer(s) who actually do the work and there is a great chance that the next time it will be someone else.

Yet in employment law, good legal advice depends on knowing your client. When you deal with me, I will get to know your business better and better along the way, enabling me to help you even more. I will also point out the changes in law that really matter to your company. I will not send you long newsletters with all kinds of information on Finnish law, obliging you to find out what may be of relevance for your business.

I love interacting with people and I do believe that working on legal issues does not rule out having a good day. Why not smile a little, even when discussing HR and tax issues?

My background
Markus Majer

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